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Sober - Emiliano Ortiz | Review

Emiliano Ortiz is a New York City native singer-songwriter & producer. He delivers fresh melodic-driven tunes that are catchy and heavily embedded in guitar solos.

‘Sober’ is about the ups and downs of drinking, all within an on-and-off again toxic relationship. The music production is a nod to The Strokes, featuring a solo paying respects to Brian May.

I like that the song switches between perspectives of the people in the relationship going from “Sitting pretty by the hotel bar, that’s where I met you. We had fun for a couple of weeks but the drugs were all we knew. I said call me when you’re sober cause that’s the girl I wanna see.” Into the opposing perspective of the woman “Got back together like most crazies do, drinking all over town. Wasn’t long til we were fighting again, passed out on the ground. She said, call me when you’re sober cause that’s the man I wanna see.”

Emiliano has released three EPs and twenty-four singles. Aside from his passion for music he also has a love for illustration, animation & cartooning, characterized by vivid colors and bold shapes. He illustrated the cover art for ‘Sober’ himself and it’s brilliant!

Written By: Heather Kathryn

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