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"Soap" - Butch Wifey | Review

Butch Wifey is back with her newest single "Soap".

I was so excited to see more from Butch Wifey. Wailing guitar, a crooner type melody, and the sweet forlorn vocals of Butch Wifey float through this indie rock tack. I love this as a follow up to her last release "Wallet". This darker topic and story of being gaslit continues to show this young artists depth and talent.

The track aims to tell the story of being gaslit by someone who has seen you at your most vulnerable. It aims to mimic that sort of confusion that comes with being lied to constantly, but ultimately, believing and going back to that person.

Chloe Ponder, also known as Butch Wifey, is an indie artist from Boise, Idaho. She started writing songs at the age of 15 and released her first single in the summer of 2019. Her lyrics aim to dredge up the uncomfortable feelings associated with queer relationships.

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