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"So Damn Pretty" - Mackenzie Shrieve | Review

A velvety voice and a single guitar note are captivating from the get-go. As instruments are layered one by one, Shrieve navigates her struggle to find herself and her confidence as she moves to the Big Apple. Try as she might to play it cool, she’s afraid of what people may think.

Eventually, this gives way to a feel-good beat in the chorus with the sentiment that everyone is probably just as terrified as you are - “maybe we’re all thinking the same damn thing”. The minimal use of instruments allows Shrieve’s smooth alto vocals to be the focal point of the track, which then slowly crescendo into an absolute powerhouse by the end that will have you wanting to shout right along. “So Damn Pretty” is the perfect reminder to hold your head high and to never take yourself too seriously.

This track is part of Mackenzie Shrieve’s first release since her debut album In the While back in 2021. Blending indie, folk, and alternative, she explores a new sound that sets her apart from others and makes her one to watch!

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