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Small Talk- Kayla DiVenere |Review

‘Small Talk’ by Kayla DiVenere is pop perfection. This song is an instant classic, telling the timeless story of wanting a movie-magic relationship- “Like a John Hughes movie / Where you see right through me”- amidst the mundane reality of modern love.

Written as a way to cope with a crush on someone she only ever has ‘Small Talk’ with, Kayla provides her perspective on an experience almost everyone can relate to. Accompanied by hypnotic vocals and a catchy guitar riff, her clever lyrics bring this story to life. If you are a fan of artists like Maisie Peters and Sabrina Carpenter, Kayla DiVenere is the newest addition to the popstar princess roster!

Based in Los Angeles, it is no surprise that Kayla’s style matches the “windows down, volume up” category of pop beautifully. Her talent expands into her other singles, such as “Date Myself” and “Jumping The Gun.” She has solidified her spot in her genre, with music you may have already heard on some of Spotify’s playlists, such as Fresh Finds and Fresh Finds Pop. All things considered, it is evident that Kayla DeVenere is a force to be reckoned with, so be sure to keep up with her future endeavors!

Written By: Julia Brennan

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