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"Single Player Mode" - Cheska Moore |Review

Cheska Moore is here to console you and help you to power up with her unique new gaming inspired track ‘Single Player Mode’. She once again manages to turn a feeling that is hard to explain into a catchy future hit. For the Love of Bands said of Cheska’s talent ‘the sheer rawness of her creativity alone makes this Academy of Contemporary Music alum one of the most intriguing artists to watch in 2020’.

Written during the quarantine for the 2020 pandemic, this song articulates perfectly coming to the realisation that the friendships you have are toxic, and that being by yourself is sometimes better for you. Quarantine forced people to take time apart from their friends and Cheska’s positive outlook on some alone time enabled her to write a song about coming to the realisation that you have toxic friendships and that quantity doesn’t necessarily equal quality. The quarantine also allowed many (Cheska included) to do things that they wouldn’t usually have time for, so Cheska took the opportunity to revisit her lifelong love of gaming. This love of gaming has worked its way into the song with both its lyrics and sounds. Featuring 8-bit gaming sounds and gaming references in its lyrics such as ‘single player mode’, ‘been disconnected’ and ‘story line’s dull’, the song is an empowering expression of not relying on others for your own happiness. It outlines the liberating clarity of realising that your friendships are toxic after taking a step back from them and in turn recognising that you are enough by yourself. Not only does the track embolden those who are starting to release themselves from toxic friendships and realise that they can be happier alone, the nostalgic gaming sounds that feature are sure to spark joy in any gamer.

The bridge features Cheska’s signature dark moment which stands out amongst the otherwise cheery sounds of electronic games. The haunting background to the bridge with layered deep sounds followed by stripped back vocals connect the listener to the meaning of the song. Music Injection said of Cheska’s signature style that ‘Cheska Moore has a beautiful vocal sound, this sound is completely unique that I would recognise it anywhere’.

Combining fun sounds with poignant meaning makes for a polished end result that is sure to be relatable. Single Player Mode will be remembered for more than its unique style and beautiful, soulful vocals but as an interesting souvenir of how the 2020 pandemic affected each and every one of us.

Cheska Moore is an extraordinary singer-songwriter, with authentic talent which is sure to see her established as the next big thing. From South London, the future Alt-pop sensation combines her own brand of alternative pop with unique, mystifying vocals and raw, genuine song-writing with unlikely instrument combinations. Although a child of the Disney generation, Cheska’s music is a hyper-realistic and dark take on the fundamentals of pop, taking listeners on a very real journey into theups and downs of real life. It is a journey led by Cheska’s charismatic stylings and beautiful yet oddly unsettling instrumentation. Inspired by the likes of Halsey, Sia, Jessie Reyez and Lana Del Rey, Cheska’s music is the result of a girl growing up to realise the flaws in the Utopian world that she, and many others, have been led to believe in.

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