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"Silhouettes" - Stables I Review

When I first heard this song, I thought it might have been a stripped down song from The Lumineers, but instead Matt Lowe and Daniel Trenholme’s soaring vocals and tight harmonies echoed throughout the space created by the comforting guitar strumming, introducing me to their new song, “Silhouettes.”

You don’t just listen to this song; it wraps you up in its warmth and softness like a lingering summer day. Their lyrics also invoke a cozy feeling like, for example, “Sitting on the window ledge, watching all the silhouettes/I've never had a better nest/When I'm with you.” Lowe invites you into an intimate moment of his relationship – sitting with his girlfriend on a balcony overlooking the streets below – and brings you into his emotions, a special kind of vulnerability. Indie-folk songs, for me, are a perfect transition into an autumn state of mind, and I highly recommend that “Silhouettes” be one of those special songs that gently soothes you into images of falling leaves, candles, and warm beverages on a cold day.

Stables was born after a late night of drinks between Lowe and Trenholme when Lowe played Trenholme what would become Stables’s first single, “Steam,” released four months after that interaction. In 2016, they released their debut album, Beyond Brushes, and headlined a tour in the UK. Since then, they have performed at major festivals and headlined shows through the UK. They released their second album, Reverie, two years ago and began their own coffee roasting company, Stables Coffee Co., last year. Their new challenge: releasing 12 singles in 12 months, which looks especially promising after listening to the beautiful sound of “Silhouettes.”

Written by Tatum Jenkins

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