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'Side X Side' - SHEARE | Review

His first single of 2019, SHEARE is already blowing my mind with ‘Side X Side”. Following the emotional releases of ‘Landmines’ and ‘Copenhagen’, SHEARE gets even more personal with this release and slows everything down with this moody indie-pop anthem.

The love story is always clear with any SHEARE song, but with ‘Side X Side’ I think that listeners get a more vulnerable telling of a relationship. The vocals follow a similar trajectory as his last two singles, moving away from the falsetto that listeners fell in love with in his 2018 EP ‘Music for Photo Booths’, and more into a smoother and vibey side of his range making it an easy and beautiful listen.

‘Side X Side’ is a song for the broken hearted. Rather than wallowing in the pain of

heartbreak, SHEARE manages an enlightened and reflective view of the relationship and how it really came apart. The singers knack for the romantic and critical view of modern dating and media really carry the message and personality of the song even more for his devoted followers.

When I sung my praises to SHEARE about this release I asked if there was anything he wanted to say about this song. He responded with this;

“It’s my favoooorrite lol. Yes it’s actually my favorite song I’ve ever written”.

Honestly, I have to agree with him. ‘Side X Side’ is officially my personal favorite SHEARE song and I am loving this trajectory of amazing music and growth in his sound. Even only following this artist closely since 2017, I can see incredible growth and I would say a more defined sound and style.

I can never speak highly enough of SHEARE as an artist. I also won’t lie when I say that due to my own love for this artist this review is most likely biased, but what review isn’t in some way. If you haven’t followed SHEARE yet, do so now. His witty and critical humor will bless your feed on any platform and his music will change the way you look at a love song.

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Written by Hannah Schneider

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