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Shye. | An Unheard Gems Interview (Video)

Check out our most recent Unheard Gems interview with the incredible rising pop artist, shye.

“Born and raised in Upstate New York, shye. turned to writing music at a young age as a way to battle his demons. Growing up using several different creative outlets, he spent years writing songs before a sound inspired and resonated with him in the fall of 2017. In February of 2018, shye. released his debut single "Iconic," followed shortly by the release of his next single "Sinking" in March of the same year. Spending the rest of 2018 writing and releasing music, he released some of his most sentimental songs to date towards the end of 2018, titled "Through Your Fire" and "Wither." With a hunger that has yet to be satisfied, shye. is in the studio writing and recording music consistently, and is eager to continue sharing more of his story. His catchy, infectious music; and relatable, emotional lyrics can't help but draw you in to the raw feeling shye.'s music inspires.”

Interview by Hannah Schneider

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