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"Show Me The Way" - Ned Moss |Review

“Show Me the Way,” the new song by Ned Moss, is a sad but chill tune that could nestle itself comfortably on Spotify playlists ranging from Your Favorite Coffeehouse to Indie Rock Road Trip— with all its sounds, textures, melodies, and sonic influences, it’s a sure crowd pleaser, regardless of everyone’s favorite genre.

What stands out immediately is Moss’s deep, dark vocals, particularly in the verses. Reaching a lower register akin to the late Stephen Fitzpatrick of the band Her’s, it adds a sonorous tone to the song; almost adding a second bass line. It juxtaposes perfectly with the sleek, shiny tone of the guitar, giving it a bit of an alternative edge. The arrangement itself is smooth and clean— it has a coffeehouse element similar to John Mayer, but it has just enough indie rock influence to also sound reminiscent of The Backseat Lovers.

For a song that is about feeling stuck and needing guidance, this song accomplishes exactly what it wants to do— with metaphors revolving around life being a song, and borrowing from a myriad of influences and mixing them together, this song has itself figured out perfectly, while also not taking itself too seriously. It’s not a song that you play in your car and scream your heart out to, but it’s one you can see yourself in and really relate to when you’re lost, and also feel at peace with the fact that needing that guidance is okay. There’s solace woven in between the licks of the guitar and the breaths of the vocals; it’s relatable, and for that, you can’t help but smile when you hear it.

Ned Moss is a guitarist and singer/songwriter from London. After studying at the Purcell School of Music for seven years, he is gathering his knowledge and his passion to set out and follow his dream of becoming a household name in music. Citing influences like John Mayer, Nick Drake, and of course, Jimi Hendrix, he has a healthy repertoire of influences to pull from, making him the perfect fit for the DIY music scene.

Written by Jess Ward

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