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"She Spins" - Letting Up Despite Great Faults |Review

“She Spins,” the newest single by Letting Up Despite Great Faults, is equal parts melancholy and beautiful. Described as a track questioning insecurity within a relationship, a darker undertone is present throughout its entirety.

Soundwise, the electric guitar lines and more upbeat tempo don’t belie this. The layered indie guitar lines are extremely catchy and driving drums push the track forward. The sound is crystal clear, but not too simple. The structure and more general composition aren’t particularly notable – rather, the clarity of the sound really makes it.

The thematic complexities present in She Spins are evident in its lyricism. As alluded to by its title, the track does, in fact, include a decent amount of spinning. This spinning is generally in relation to ice skating. It’s interesting to note associations we might hold with “thin ice” as referenced in She Spins. Thin ice seems reminiscent of trepidation and danger. In contrast, spinning gives the character, referred to solely as “she,” a sense of carelessness and freedom. The dynamics of the relationship between the speaker and this central figure are unclear. Insecurity is a central theme, and it begs the question of what is imagined on the speaker’s behalf.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults’ new album, IV, is released on March 4. If the rest of the album is anything like She Spins, this album is certainly one to keep an eye on. I’d recommend this track, and this upcoming album, to any indie fan. She Spins is magnetic and complex. The catchy guitar line reminds me of artists like Wallows, especially their track “Pictures of Girls.”

By Fiona Irving-Beck

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