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"Shallow" - Rachel Gleddie | Review

The second release from singer-songwritter Rachel Gleddie, "Shallow" is a slow burning fusion of folky melodies and country story telling.

Gleddie's vocals are warm and encouraging and sold us on this track. A song of validation and unconditional love through good and bad times. This song is an encouragement to fill your life with people who care about you, challenge you, and love you as you are (and to not pay attention to the ones that don’t). With beautiful blends of vocal harmony, lush acoustic guitar, and emotional pedal steel lines, this song is both thought provoking and uplifting.

Rachel Gleddie is an indie singer/songwriter who has performed everywhere from her hometown in Alberta, to places such as Western Australia and India. With lyrical honesty, heartache, and contemplative melodies, she writes original music that doesn’t beat around the bush. Pulling from influences of multiple genres (folk, country, dark pop), her music is both genuine and incredibly intriguing. Her exciting debut single, “Catacomb,” was produced by the JUNO nominated team, Towers, as part of a 5 song EP project that will be released throughout 2020.

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