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“Seventeen” - Sneaker Club | Review

For many people, it’s not often that something reminds you of high school in a good way. “Seventeen” by Sneaker Club is an indie pop, satirical masterpiece that pokes fun at how important every little thing seemed in high school.

The dancy beat is full of bass, driven forward by addicting drums and radiating electric guitar. This song is so fun to listen to. Dan Wagg’s smooth tone has the relatable lyrics glowing. We’ve all had the existential question of “what happens after I turn 17?” at some point. They detail classic high school experiences regarding love, fear, and finding your purpose in life through an entertaining and comedic lens. The Sneaker Club laces all this together with some creative production that had me smiling the entire time.

The Sneaker Club is a band from Ontario, Canada. John Gould is on lead guitar, Luke Van Bakel is on lead bass, Bryan Dowd is on lead drums and Dan Wagg is the band’s primary songwriter, as the lead rhythm guitarist and rhythm lead vocalist. They found each other in London and bonded over their comedic nature and love for artists like Hippo Campus, Peach Pit, and the Arkells. The initial plan for these friends was to form a footwear support group, but when that fell through they did the next best thing - they created a band. The Sneaker Club formed in 2018 but they hit the ground running. These self-proclaimed Canadian hipsters have already opened for big names like VALLEY, Birds of Bellwoods, Texas King, and Dizzy.



Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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