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"Secrets" - Anthony Quaid |Review

Anthony Quaid releases his debut single titled “Secrets” today- a personal introduction to who he is both as a person and an artist.

The song draws you in immediately with its harmonious intro. Quaid begins to sing over the harmonies and synths and essentially introduces himself to his listener throughout the track. The intro sneaks back in here and there underneath- strategically placed to keep the piece building to its final chorus where the song is its biggest. His voice is easy, smooth listen- not to mention his impressive range that’s proven every time he hits those high notes. The pop song is similar to what we know and loves with artists like ZAYN and Nick Jonas- it’s catchy and its production is polished and clean.

He wrote this song because he has always felt different from the others and felt comfortable in his skin after embracing his truth. His hopes with the song are that he encourages his listeners to do the same- the journey to self-love begins with self-acceptance.

Anthony Quaid is an independent singer, songwriter, and producer residing in Orlando, Florida. The self-proclaimed pop music junkie attended Full Sail University for music production, giving him a grassroots career that begins totally with himself as he writes, sings, and produces his own content. There’s no one pulling the strings behind the curtain. He’s doing it all.

Written by Jess Ward

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