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“Second Date” - Josh Fudge | Review

Josh Fudge has us blissfully reminiscing on past honeymoon stages with his lofi, bedroom hit “Second Date.”

Fuzzy synths and warm production sounds create a laid-back, vintage vibe akin to hits by boy pablo and Mac DeMarco. Fudge’s soft tone sounds intimate, like he’s letting you in on a secret. All together, he creates a nostalgic atmosphere that is really enjoyable to listen to.

Josh Fudge has a rare and impressive amount of vocal versatility. For the chorus his voice changes drastically - his tone becomes higher pitched and he adds an undertone of attitude, almost sassy like he knows something you don’t. He sings “hey wait a minute, whenever you dream am I in it? Never feels as good as the beginning” to a catchy beat and relaxed, warm production sounds that have me swaying back and forth. The song is “about getting bored too quickly in a relationship and growing to miss how things used to be,” Fudge explained.

Josh Fudge is an 18-year-old instrumentalist and songwriter from Oklahoma City. He was drawn to music from age four, but his place in the artist world was established with the release of his first album, Space Age Lover, in 2019. Since then, Fudge has collaborated with local artists including producer Logan Bruhn and guitarist Tyler Sexton. His latest 2020 single “7 in the Morning” has already accumulated over 32,400 streams on Spotify.

Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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