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"Save You" - Steffon | Review

Blending indie and R&B influences, Steffon creates a quiet chill songscape with his new song "Save You".

This track feels like a simple seranade. It is intimate and sweet and truly just a soft extension of care and love.

From Steffon:

This song is about wishing you could do more for someone besides being there and listening. If you or someone you know is going through a hard time, then this song is for you. I hope people can find comfort in knowing they're not alone in this song.

Born and raised in New York City to Malagasy parents, singer, songwriter, and producer Steffon combines influences ranging from pop, r&b, and hip hop to alternative rock, electronic, and soul to form his own distinctive yet versatile sound. Blending introspective lyrics and emotional melodies on top of catchy hooks, Steffon aims to tell you a story. 

“I want to inspire and uplift others through my music. I want to make a difference in the world and be a voice for the outcasts, the loners, the introverts, the misunderstood. I’ve always been a reserved, quiet type of person so I like to think of my music as a more personal, raw side of me. I want to inspire others to not be afraid to show their emotions and to know it’s okay to be vulnerable.”

With his music being based on real experiences, it creates an aesthetic that is both genuine and relatable.

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