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"Satellites" - The Satellite Station | Review

One of the most interesting lines I have ever heard in a song is in this one. Satellite Station says; “ you think like a computer and my brain turns out like a kaleidoscope.” I have never ever heard this comparison before but, the message of this song matches with this description perfectly.

Many times in this song Satellite Station uses several comparisons of what I would call random things to compare each other, one man, one woman, in a failing relationship. From computers vs. kaleidoscopes like I mentioned earlier to electric vs. “cycling shades of grey…”

It’s all in there.

With that said, this song is quite beautiful. The track has a soft guitar riff and a little piano to create an atmospheric instrumental that really helps push the message. It’s soft and kind which I believe is how the artist is trying to tell their significant other that it’s not working because they are complete opposites.

I enjoyed this song a lot. Remember “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers? Picture that song, but a little bit softer without the onomatopoeia like chorus and you get “Satellites.” To me the song name in itself also explains the song…

Like two satellites moving away from each other - slowly but surely.

Satellite Station otherwise known as Travie Rue is a singer and multi-instrumentalist known for his folk-inspired lyrics and melodies. Rue enjoys creating music because it allows him to share his perspectives on the hardships and joys of being human.

Well done Travis.

Written By Quincy Williamson

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