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"Sad Eyes" - Valley Sixteen | Review

Think Charlotte Lawrence, but low-fi. South African native Valley Sixteen is back with her sophomore single “Sad Eyes” and I am here for it.

Truly capturing the essence of the laid back bedroom pop style, this track highlights the idiosyncrasies “DIY” music has regained momentum for in the past few years. A perfectly imperfect production behind the track says “this is real,” and makes you feel like she could have written and recorded it in her hallway (or the floor of her best friend’s apartment in Munich, as she later told me). Her vocals on the track are gorgeous, blending seamlessly with the instrumental and delivering heartbreaking lyrics in a way that makes me feel safe, like I am wrapped up in a warm blanket on a rainy Sunday afternoon. When asked about the inspiration behind the song, she replied “My favourite line in the whole song is “when you kiss her, do you feel like you’re in Paris?” This is the most personal line in the song and I know it's going to get me in so much trouble (they know who they are).”

“The song is a true story. I always write about the things that happen around me and to me, mainly those that broke me the most. This really broke me. But I feel like it's the song I needed most when I was going through it all. Everytime I listen to this one, I remind myself that someone you love cheating on you doesn't say anything about your worth, but it does say a lot about theirs.”

Three cheers to that last statement, and I will remain thankful for the way she gently invites us into her heartbreak with “Sad Eyes.”

Written by Sydne Broady

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