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"Sabotage" - Jordan Jones |Review

Jordan Jones has returned with his latest single “Sabotage” off his latest EP, containing 4 tracks, under the same title on January 20, 2023.

The song starts off quite quickly with very bright vocals and a clean riff, before the beat kicks off leading the song. The initial vibe is similar to pop tunes we heard in 2014 and 2015, however that also is part of the charm to this track from Jones. The pre-chorus of the song is very enticing, and personally my favorite part of the overall track. The vocals are isolated with heavy autotune and reverb, and then lead the listener to the beat drop in the chorus. I would recommend this song to avid listeners of Nick Jonas and Ed Sheeran.

The Canadian artist has been releasing music for over a decade now, experiencing all kinds of performing whether it be the lead vocalist of a band or the lead guitarist in another project, Jones has done it all. This new EP is Jordan's latest solo project, starting in 2020 with a few singles dropped in 2022 as well. “Sabotage” shows many of the different genres Jones pulls from, albeit it is a pop leading track, there are moments where R&B influence, as well as arguably even rock takes over. Jones’s music reflects someone who has been creating for over a decade, and I cannot wait to see what else he creates.

Written by Ayesha Khahera

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