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Séamus- “Lost My Baby” |Review

A dark but upbeat song, Lost My Baby by Séamus is about the aftermath of a bad breakup.

With catchy lyrics, Séamus tells a story of a man who split with his girlfriend, and thus hurts himself knowing “that I’m not better than him.” As he sings that he needs to let go of the pain, we can be reminded as a listener that life moves on to bigger and better things. The production of this song is beautifully encompassed with drums and a rock guitar in addition to a jazzy touch at the end. Lost My Baby is deep, and it reminds me of Joji’s music, the kind that can give you chills.

California-based pop singer Séamus has returned with his first single of the year after a long hiatus. Last year his EP “The Whole World’s Burning” gained popularity and critical acclaim with over 200,000 listens. His upcoming EP, “The Town Where I Sleep,” with the leading single Lost My Baby is expected to release this fall under Burly Records. With Gen-Z being the target audience, there’s no doubt his songs will be addictive.

Written by Lia Tsvetanova

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