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"Running Inside of My Brain" - Erica Knox | Review

I am in LOVE with Erica Knox. Her voice is phenomenal, her lyrics are catchy, and the beat of this track is infectious.

Produced by Kadeema’s Tal Vaisman, Knox’s new single, “Running Inside Of My Brain,” came from a relationship that shouldn’t have worked out from the very beginning. From start to finish, there were so many red flags and obvious signs that were ignored. It's not worth losing yourself to be with someone else, no matter how good the ending could be.

I think that this is a song that will resonate with so many listeners. Red flags or not, if you have been in a relationship you are familiar with the highs and lows and how that person is going to stick inside your brain. I feel like those moments at night where you are trying to sleep but then all of the things you wished you had said go spinning through your head is perfectly captured in this track.

In the midst of collaborating her new sound, 24 year old singer-songwriter Erica Knox from Georgetown, Ontario is set to showcase herself in 2021 with music that you won’t be able to forget. From upbeat excitement to mellow nostalgia, her self-portrayed intimate lyrics about love, life, and identity are heavily influenced by music legends Stevie Nicks and John Mayer, with catchy hooks that’ll remind you of modern day hitmakers Taylor Swift and Julia Michaels.

"I wanted to incorporate my love for organic storytelling with the excitement of modern day pop sonics, and create a familiar realm for the two to coexist. The two singles I’ve released are on opposite spectrums [acoustic folk and electro-pop], and my new music will live within that." - Knox

Review by Hannah Schneider

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