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“Run” – Jenny Kern | Review

To struggle is not to fail. It doesn’t define who you are; it’s simply a chapter in your story. Jenny Kern tackles this idea through reflection of her own painful past year in her latest, spellbinding single, “Run.”

The song offers listeners an opportunity to perceive the evolution of Kern’s songwriting process. Its atmosphere was perhaps shaped by the sounds she heard when she brought it to life unaccompanied in solitude. The extra vibrations, reverb, and acoustic quality projected by her semi-hollow Epiphone during pre-production may have made the track what it ultimately became. The music is rich with harmony, big soundscapes, and gentle vocals. Its backbone is a piano riff built on complimentary synth parts. The chord changes are on the button—deftly maneuvering between the feelings of their respective major and minor key motifs. They explore the outer limits of their boundaries and extremities. Through darkness, its demeanor is calm and collected—not unlike the underappreciated “Close to You” by Neon Trees in which Chris Allen also uses a moving, mesmerizing guitar hook.

Singer/songwriter Jenny Kern returns with producer Andy Seltzer to present “Run:” her second single of 2021 and a gripping piece from a forthcoming EP. The Canadian-born, NYC-based artist cut her teeth crafting the track, “Slow Burn,” in 2019. Her debut release blossomed into a European tour and appearances on major networks like MTV, ABC, and the CW. She’s earned airtime on NPR’s World Café and has been featured on the popular Spotify playlists “Fresh Finds,” “Indie All Stars,” and “New Music Friday.”

In her latest single, Kern’s voice is deep, dreamy, and delicate. She uses it like an instrument. There’s a level of comfort that’s maintained through both the front melody line and higher background singing painted into the last chorus. She marries a controlled, tranquil performance with movements through a key signature that expresses passionate discontentment. The result is a message that conveys discovering drive and composure through struggle. It’s about getting back up even when no one’s there to lend a hand.

Written by Matt Kalicky

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