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Rosie Darling @ The Echo Los Angeles

Often times, the first nights of a multi-city tour are filled with nerves with artists figuring

our their setlist, timing, and performances. And then there’s Rosie her intro

music flowed through the speakers and she walked on stage, there was this genuine

confidence that approached the mic. She waved to the crowd and smoothly went into

her song “rerun,” a song that has amassed millions of Spotify streams since its release

on her 2021 EP “Coping.” From that point on, she took over the stage performing

songs from her ever so catchy catalogue including “Heavy,” “Always Almost,” and “Say

Less.” This show kicks off a 10 city tour with Ashley Kutcher, which proves to be a

dream team of indie-pop females that ring through speakers everywhere. These are the

songs you can’t help but sing along to and often get stuck in your all the best ways.

The setlist breezed by as it seemed like the entire crowd was singing along to these songs that are soundtracks to so many peoples lives. Rosie has a knack for turning her sad songs into beautiful melodies that can be sung in your car, shower, or anywhere. Heartbreak is such a common writing topic for artists, but when Rosie writes about her need to find connections following her move from Boston to L.A., it hits home on

another level with so many people looking to do the same in their lives. In her

sophomore EP “Golden Age,” she continues where she left off from her 2021’s “Coping” with catchy sing-a-long hooks. But this time, these songs are coupled with a. more upbeat and danceable gene...something that the crowd was very into.

As she rounded out her set, she had already settled into a good groove for this tour,

one that already has sold out 5 of the 10 cities. She capped off an amazing and

intimate set with her song “Coping,” a song that she says changed her life...and I’m

sure has changed so many other lives in the process. If you want to witness a singer-

songwriter on the rise that has the ability to command the stage and also be relatable

and genuine, I’d highly suggest you head out to the remaining cities on the tour. With

the star power that is Rosie, the rest of the dates on this tour are just bound to sell out

in the coming weeks.

Review and photos by Vincent Collyer

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