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Rewinding Time With Yoji’s Retro Novelty: “Talk To My Younger Self” | Review

On November 5th 2021, award winning songwriter “Yoji” released the retrospective R&B single “Talk To My Younger Self,” a nostalgic embodiment of the classic 90’s or early 2000’s style fused with contemporary soul and themes resonating a reassurance around what the future holds. “Talk To My Younger Self” contains a well-thought out concept of pressing rewind on our lives. The sentimental R&B environment, produced by 2Thousand5, travels the listener back in time with a paragon of boom bap 808 drum samples, record scratches, impressive vocal harmonies, rich transient effects, live instruments and upbeat melodies.

Unifying with The Golden Age backdrop shines through Yoji’s dynamic vocal range and heartfelt lyrics that grip what it means to believe in yourself on an unknown road to tomorrow. “Talk To My Younger Self” reflects on the fact that we can’t change the past, and we shouldn’t over think the future, and despite each day changing we should always stay true to ourselves now matter what is thrown at us.

“If I could talk to my younger self, I’d say everything will be ok, no need to worry about the small stuff, every now and then you get a little luck.” - Yoji

Dropping with Yoji’s retro novelty single, is a reminiscent music video by Grade A Productions depicting Yoji watching family home VHS videos in a living room with two others, while also playing a beautiful Yamaha grand piano. The video and new release echo influences from Alicia Keys, who Yoji has quoted to be one of her most significant influences. The sublime vocals paired with scenes of Yoji sitting at the grand piano invoke this inspiration, but it still reigns true with Yoji’s own unique quality and style. Also mentioned as her substantial influences are Lauryn Hill and Jill Scott, who are both iconic singing artists in R&B/soul who have clearly left their mark on Yoji’s creative evolution.

“I am inspired by artists who write music with a deeper meaning and I have learnt so many life lessons from artists such as Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill & Jill Scott. I hope my songs can resonate with listeners and make them feel connected through our shared experiences”.

Yoji has designed her own wave of impact, winning song writing awards such as Fame Music & Coffee House Sessions, iluvlive and Vodafone Future Breakers. She began creating at age 5, and began taking classical piano lessons at age 8. The name Yoji stems from the Japanese designer Yohji Yammato, whom her artist mother was influenced by. Yoji began producing while attending Goldsmiths, where she self produced and recorded her third EP Retro Romance.

The artist has consistently released vibey, heart-felt tracks since 2015, gained support from BBC radio and performed as a supporting act for Kool & The Gang at the Electric Soul Festival. The artist performs in top music venues in central London and the West End, and continues to make waves all over with her growing reach. You can find Yoji’s “Talk To My Younger Self’ on major streaming services such as Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple Music. Yoji has appeared on Spotify playlists such as “Future Vintage” and “90’s Pop Hits,” which symbolizes her unique blend of the classic with the contemporary.

“Don’t let anybody change you, you keep being you, whatever we go through, dreams can come true.” -Yoji

-Brian Kelly

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