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Red Lines-Roni Bar Hadas |Review

Damned if I do damned if I don't is how Roni Bar Hadas is feeling with the introduction of the second song off her upcoming album.“Red Lines”, feels very mellow and relaxed.

A relatable topic, but the way that Roni Bar Hadas delivers here, it gives it that extra depth. Almost like She’s inviting everyone in. There were a lot of great lines but my personal favorite is, “Is it time to trust myself, god knows I’ve made some mistakes”.

The style of her music reminds me of the band Crumb or Sara Bareilles. With drums, dreamy beach vibe guitar, and violin this track flawlessly floats through the speakers. Setting your mind at ease while Roni shows her heart to the world.

Ronni Bar Haddas is an artist who is based in Tel-Aviv. She is a multi-instrumentalist whose talents have allowed her to work with many artists in the Israel area. Her love for self expressive music can be attributed to the fact that she grew up in a musical household. She grew up with creativity being a focal point in her life, and as we can see it has and will continue to take her far.


Written by Derek Darnell

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