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“real me” - Coleman Hell | Review

A chilled electro-pop track that makes you think about the real version of you, “real me” is the new laid back groove from Coleman Hell.

“Real Me,” the first single from Coleman’s upcoming Topanga LP, is an honest and emotionally vulnerable song with intensely personal lyrics. Written at a particularly low point in Coleman’s life, “Real Me” touches on feelings of isolation and loneliness – themes that feel particularly poignant at this moment in time.

Hell lets listeners in on his reflection on himself. This very vulnerable and personal narrative brings his listeners closer to understand the real version of him beyond just the surface level. I think a track like this should prompt listeners to think about the way they see themself and others. The feelings expressed on this track are so human and real but shared in a way that doesn’t give this a sad song vibe because it is not. Acknowledging your own discomfort or ways you want to be perceived is not sad or weakness, it is just human and it can be kind of fun and definitely interesting. Have a moment of sonder and sit in whatever feelings that brings up for you.

From Coleman:

“I wrote “Real Me” at a particularly low point in my life. I was really starting to focus on my mental health for the first time, and it was almost like a form of therapy for me. I guess if you could take something away from the song it would be to accept yourself for who you are, right now. I kept telling myself I needed to wait for some magical moment of perfection before I could fully love myself, but I think it’s important to recognize that you can continue to grow and improve while still loving your current self.”

Coleman Hell is an indie-pop artist from Toronto who’s generated a loyal following over the past few years, accruing over 60k Spotify followers and 250 Million total streams. His music is eclectic, drawing on a myriad of different influences and blending elements of pop, folk, R&B, and indie rock.

Coleman’s upcoming album, Topanga, was recorded at a house tucked away in Topanga Canyon during an emotionally turbulent time in his life, and the music and lyrical content paint a vivid picture of loss, self-reflection and discovery. Along with his long-time producer and bandmate, La+ch, Coleman took a DIY approach to the creative process, foregoing outside influence from labels or other collaborators. Everything from the writing and recording, to the artwork and music videos, was done entirely independently. The album is a raw and honest reflection of Coleman’s experience during this particular time in his life. It has a lo-fi quality to it, and is less polished than much of his previous work.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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