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"Rambling" - Mimika | Review

"Rambling" by Mimika completely captures the feeling of not being able to stop the words of self doubt from falling out of your mouth.

I can't be the only one who nervous rambles when I am worried about letting the people I care about down. It is very easy to keep the walls up for so long that when you finally feel ready to share all of your thoughts just explode out in a ramble where you almost cant catch your breathe.

"Rambling" is a short track, just over a minute and feels like a look inside Mimika's brain. A stream of consciousness sort of track. This comes ahead of her upcoming debut EP, due to be released at the end of this year. This project comes in four chapters, each one illustrating specific moments in Mimika’s life that have gotten her to where she is now. Chapter One starts off the project with “Rambling,” an upbeat heartbreak pop single.

“I have this tendency to shoot myself in the foot when it comes to relationships and somehow always find a way to end things before they really begin. ‘Rambling’ explores that in a conversational way. I spend a lot of the song beating around the bush regarding what's going on in this relationship until I finally just blurt out the truth which is “maybe I wasn't meant for this, meant for love, I'm scared of 'us’.” The song is meant to make you self-reflect and look inside as to the real motives behind why we do the things we do.” – Mimika

Canadian songstress and recent graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Mimika has always been a sucker for stories. Raised in rural Brampton, ON, she spent her earliest years writing stories, poetry, and scripts. Mimika cites her childhood as being a time of complete freedom and mass creativity fueled further by the nonstop stream of music flowing through her house. The influences of Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Destiny’s Child, and Celine Dion are some of her first memories of entertainers, which, in turn, influenced her journey as a performer. In 2020, Mimika entered a new phase in her career with her mini-mixtapes series. The series was meant to capture some of the most intimate and important times in Mimika’s life with a focus on two or three distinct emotions with a specific narrative for each. Goddess Complex and My Feelings Hurt were received with open arms by her growing fan base and secured media features with Rawckus Magazine, Clout Magazine, Vents Magazine, and others. Now at 21 years old, Mimika is preparing to unleash her first full project, slated for late 2021. The chapter-based narrative will see her sail into the next phase of her career and allow her to fully immerse fans into her world.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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