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"Quiet Footsteps" - Jono Dorr | Review

“Quiet Footsteps” is the new hauntingly hypnotic single by versatile songwriter and producer Jono Dorr.

Equipped with a wide range of influence, this song is truly polyphonic and even more mysterious. The alternative indie R&B song starts with some jazzy keys and hi-hat that carry throughout its almost 4-minute duration, though it’s not to be mistaken for a jazz standard -- It takes an unexpected turn into the deeper and darker crevices of Dorr’s creative mind. Underneath the hi-hat lurks a slow electric beat. His low, booming vocals set the tone to create a dark, brooding atmosphere, similar to what has made The Weeknd a raging success.

Prior to the outro, the listener is entrenched in a world of sound led by a sleek synth. The end is much softer and gentler to the listener with scads of harmonies. It neatly ties everything together, and makes you feel as though you had just been taken on an intense journey, but let off with care.

Jono Dorr has a long history in the music industry, and a habit of jumping headfirst into the unknown. The LA native attended UC Santa Cruz as a philosophy major coupled with an electronic music minor, and originally had plans to go on to be a lawyer. His overwhelming passion for music production took over, and he felt compelled to pursue a career in music instead. His parents gave him an ultimatum- to either be successful in music or get a “real job.” Dorr started composing for television shows, and ended up writing and producing for wildly popular acts like Hayley Kiyoko, gnash, and The Neighbourhood. He has a handful of solo singles on Spotify covering a wide range of genres within his limited catalog.

Review by Jessica Ward

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