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"Pull Yourself Together" - Basement Revolver | Review

Due to the natural characteristics of humans, we often look back to the past for inspiration, especially with music. Music moves like a water cycle, constant rotation that eventually comes back around. We can hear the clear influence that the 70s and 90s have on music today, however with advancements made in both technology and quality it is almost impossible to get the exact same sound produced from a specific time period.

You can hear the influence but automatically know that the track was made after a touch phone was created. Basement Revolver is one of the few who successfully get it right. Their latest single “Pull Yourself Together” was released on April 11, 2024. Upon first listen I felt like I was instantly transported back to my childhood and hearing the latest piece from the hottest artist, and I mean that in the highest compliment. It is virtually impossible to recreate the feelings of past memories, much less the sound, however the sense of nostalgia that a short 2 minutes and 30 seconds track provided, it left me craving for something I have not felt in the music scene for awhile. The rock influence paired with dreamy vocals encapsulate the perfect essence for this specific piece of storytelling. Songwriter Chrisy Hurn wrote the song describing their personal experience dealing with panic attacks in social settings like parties with lyrics like “Welcome to the party, find the darkest corner and shrink inside your body”. I’m sure these feelings are relatable to anyone who has dealt with anxiety in public settings, however this track is used to try and uplift you and make sure you do not succumb to those internal feelings of pressure and anxiety. 

Basement Revolver is a 4-piece band composed of members Nim Agalawatte on the bass and keyboards, Chrisy Hurn the vocalist and guitarist, Jonathan Malström on lead guitar and their drummer Levi Kertesz. The group first burst onto the music scene in 2016 in Hamilton, Ontario and have since then used their art to tell stories on topics such as sexuality, mental health, faith, and finding themselves. This song felt like it belonged on the soundtrack for the hit show “Derry Girls” on Netflix, a show based in Ireland in the 90s and I highly recommend fans of the UK indie-rock scene to give Basement Revolver a listen. 

Written by Ayesha Khahera

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