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"Proud" - Vanda |Review

At the end of the day all any of us can do is to work to be proud of who we are and what we stand for and the people who are in our lives.

The beginning of the track starts off with Vanda's original Logic pro demo session & transforms into her collaborative effort with producer, Joel Woods. Vanda uses a poignant diary entry format to describe her adoration for her partner, Marty, while utilizing vocal harmonies + dynamics to capture the purest form of her feelings in her latest effort, "Proud".

Blending pop, indie, and R&B sounds this love song just makes your heart sing. I love the fact that while this is a "queer" love song you would not know, it simply feels warm and real. That being said, it feels amazing to have more LGBTQ representation on the sweet love song front. This song makes us single folk want to fall in love and be proud of who we are in love with, it is perfect for couples for sure though, that warm fuzzy feeling is so present.

This track made me think of one of my friends who just came out to her family after her breakup with her first girlfriend. Hearing about what happened I thought about my own family and their unconditional support for me. I know her coming out went well but I also know it came with a lot of stress and wanting to be seen the same way as she was before. I feel so proud she was able to feel strong enough in herself to tell her family and immesly happy she is supported. So be it a love song for a partner or a friend, we all have people we are proud of.


Tell me that you love me

Tell me that you need me

When the night is over

Tell me you believe me

When I say I'm sorry

For all the stupid crazy

Shit I put you through, baby, you been so amazing

Staying while I cry myself into a frenzy

I get so emotional you hold me til I'm faded

Back into a normal, normal kinda hazy

Sayin' that I love you kind of lacks the thing I'm thinking'

You don't kick me when Im down

And when I pull some shit you're all in

They don't need to tell us 'wow'

Cuz/ we got what they all wanted

This kind of love doesn't come often

Lets light a match and set it all lit

Cuz I'm feeling kind of Proud

And I wanted you to know it

(you were there when there was nobody, and Im so thankful, never knew bout' all the hype and Im so grateful, never leavin' you behind, Ill be faithful, you amaze me, you amazin')

I'm so proud of you babe, I'm so proud

I'm so proud of you babe, I'm so proud

I'm so proud of you baby, I'm, baby I'm

Cant be sad, can't be sad, when I'm with you all the time

Can we take this, take this moment cuz its mine

What we have is, the baddest

We have it

We have it

Review by Hannah Schneider

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