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'Promises" - Genuine Leather

Genuine Leather has done it once again, with the release of their latest song “Promises” on Feb 17, 2023.

The song starts with an upbeat guitar riff, already making the listener understand that this song is the definition of good vibes. The vocals are soft and sweet, not overpowering the track too much, but instead being the perfect addition to the fun melody. The drum beat has an easy going groove to it, picking up during the chorus with some synths pushing the track. The best way to try and describe “Promises” is a song that will get you on your feet dancing until you’re out of breath. Even though the current season does not reflect the mood provided by the song, I think it is a great Pop tune to get out of the funk and gloomy feeling everyone has been having. I would recommend this stellar song to fans who are interested in the 1975 and Still Woozy.

The group is comprised of frontman Chris Galis, who formed Genuine Leather over a decade ago, but has been in the music scene since 2009, as well as 5 of his close companions he trusts to play live with. Hailing from Austin, Texas, the band has stayed true to their roots with releasing songs sounding similar to 70s and 80s Rock, and now even leaning towards the Pop sound with “Promises”. The band is also still located in Austin to this day. Genuine Leather is the true definition of music being forever timeless when your foundation is just as solid. I look forward to seeing what else the band does in this new year.

Written by Ayesha Khahera

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