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“Prom Queen Crown (Acoustic)” - Rallie & Coal | Review

Prom Queen Crown” is a light-hearted culmination of confusion, nostalgia and reminiscing over a so-called simpler time.

This song made me smile as soon as I heard it. The chorus is so catchy, the guitar reminds me of jamming to early Taylor Swift as a kid, and the lyrics sing to the sense of complicated youth and love. Prom Queen Crown is pure nostalgia and makes you think back to simpler times. Life is complicated and this song pokes fun at the concerns we all have over the superficial.

According to Rallie and Coal:

“You also know that that was all it was, a naiveté and the song pokes fun at that. It is a self-aware look at your life, the 1st verse reflecting more over the view you have of yourself and how you can sometimes be anxious, nervous, a little on the blonde, but what the hell… everyone is sometimes. The pre goes on to describe some things that aren’t where they should be but also acknowledges that these aren’t the most important things and honestly, it’s ok to be lost. It’s ok not to have your dream job yet, you’re working your way to it. It’s okay not to be in the relationship that you’re meant to be in, maybe you shouldn’t be, maybe it’s good to make these mistakes. It’s ok to want to be active in today’s forums, social media, just as long as you don’t get stuck in it and it causes your sense of reality and self to warp.

The 2nd verse takes a look at relationships in your life, crushes in particular and the fragility of love at this in-between stage of life. You play judge and jury, yet you can’t execute anything. It’s this entirely new range of emotion to explore and it makes you giddy and anxious and you see the world through a rose-colored lens. You’re kind of a mess, they are too, but at least you are cute together and at least you present as though you have your shit together on Instagram.

The song’s meaning comes full circle in the 2nd chorus (even though it hasn’t changed) after having gone through the feels of the 2nd verse you experience the same chorus differently. We all have bad days and with a sparkle in the eye, you can admit that you let other people bad days get to you and vice versa. We are all guilty of this, enough so that sometimes if feels as though there are no good days, this adds a melancholy dimension to a song already filled to the brim with contradicting emotions. It’s not a sad song. It’s not a happy song. It is none of that and it is all of that. It is simply an honest song. We think this is a stage of life that most people can relate to, a crossroads of sorts.”

Rallie & Coal are an artist & songwriting duo from Sweden, focused on pop music. Working closely during the whole process, Rallie & Coal each provide their unique skills to create a distinct sound of their own. They are often conceptual in their writing, letting inspiration flow with an aim to tell a complete story in each song. Their influences include everything from the Billboard sound of Max Martin and beautifully composed lyrics of Julia Michaels, to the moving melodies of John Mayer.

Rallie & Coal first met while studying at Musikmakarna, a world-renowned school for songwriting and music production located in the North of Sweden. They worked both separately and together during their time at Musikmakarna, but with Rallie’s knack for lyrics and Coal’s skill for melodies, they found that they complimented each other and could push their songwriting to achieve new heights. And so Rallie & Coal was born.

Born in New York and growing up in England, Rallie first discovered her passion for music while attending a school for the Performing Arts in London. She played a part in several musicals, even earning the lead role in “Hairspray” at the age of 12. Growing up, Rallie played tennis at an elite level and set music aside for a time to focus on her goal to play professionally, eventually becoming the top 10 in Sweden. At the age of 17, she started back on the road that would eventually lead to Musikmakarna, choosing her passion for songwriting and performing over tennis. After high school, she studied at SAE and worked in retail, all the while keeping music in the forefront of her life. During the spring of 2018, Rallie would be accepted into Musikmakarna and as a consequence, she got to work with names such as Kristian Kostov, Benjamin Ingrosso, Joy Deb. Right now Rallie’s doing an internship at Symphonix International, a sub-label under Universal Germany.

Coal is a 22 year old from Arvika who moved to Stockholm after his graduation to study music. He first gained recognition at the age of 16 when he auditioned for Idol and was subsequently scouted for the British X factor. As both a talented vocalist and guitarist, he began uploading covers to youtube, gaining almost 500 000 views altogether, with one of them reaching over 100 000 views. At 17 years old he was a finalist in a prestigious competition at Uppsala International Guitar Festival with participants from all over the world. He discovered his finesse in the art of songwriting in a session while in Stockholm and has spent the last few years honing his skills to eventually write with names such as Ana Diaz, Petra Marklund (aka September), Ace Wilder and has written one of the latest singles for Maxida Marak, ”Hatar”. His latest work is with Kristian Kostov and his upcoming single ”Honest” which was co-written with Rallie. Currently, he is interning at ”The Garden”, a studio complex housing the likes of Michel Zitron, John Martin and Svidden and other well known Swedish songwriters and producers.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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