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"Poison Candy" - This Coast Bias | Review

Everyone has a vice— something we know is bad for us but can’t help but give in. “Poison Candy,” the latest single by This Coast Bias, is all the sugary sweet goodness of a rush without the impending crash.

A song that defies genre as we know it, “Poison Candy” has an amalgamation of influences behind it, demanding multiple listens to really bask in all the different sounds. Initially, its intro sounds like a summertime EDM track, but within seconds, it introduces punchy keys, a funky, bouncing bassline, and an alluring vocal melody— purposefully and effectively proving to the listener that this song cannot be pigeonholed. Acts like Prince, ABBA, and Tame Impala are cited as influences, but the electric guitar solo halfway through its three-and-a-half-minute run adds an alternative edge that directly contradicts the sleek electronic production and disco-esque instrumentals; the result has a similar vibe to electro-alternative staples like Holy Ghost!, and Washed Out.

Lyrically, “Poison Candy” is about a girl he dated despite his better judgment, comparing their relationship to an addiction. Lyrics like “gonna break with my teeth/with all the sugar/girl you’re poison candy/but I can’t seem to leave you,” stand out as particularly revealing and intriguing. Those few lines expose his true feelings towards the “cavity” that is their relationship— what’s super sweet and enticing on the outside might actually turn out to be vindictive, harmful, and addicting. Though the song was written with a specific girl in mind, at the end of the day, it’s a song about the bad habits we all indulge in, even if they hurt.

This Coast Bias is the alias for an Oklahoma-based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. After a career of writing and playing with other rock bands, it was time to break free and do things his own way— going against the grain of leaning into trends and genres, and deciding for himself what sounds good; going down the road not taken. The result is a unique and gripping catalog of music to dive into headfirst, but let go of any preconceived ideas you have of indie music. TCB is about to challenge everything you know.

Written by Jess Ward

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