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"Petty" - Estella Dawn | Review

“Petty” by Estella Dawn is a homage to all of the boyfriends/girlfriends/friends that have just been, well…


This song describes what most people have been when in a not so perfect relationship or friendship.

On the track, Estella describes when someone you care about starts acting up. Should you kick back?

Take It?

Or just leave it?

People have this problem all of the time in relationships. Regarding this Estella explains; “The breakdown of a relationship whether it be platonic or romantic is a tough and turbulent time… fueled by both emotional and irrational feelings.”

I would have to agree with Estella on this one. These reactions and decisions are some of the most difficult ones someone deals with in life, but the way Estella delivers the lyrics is something to be happier about.

Estella’s voice is one not to miss. With fantastic vocal harmonies on the chorus, this song vocally and instrumentally is a stunner.

You can’t tell from her voice, but Estella is a Kiwi (from New Zealand) but is based out of the United States. She is a jack-of-all-trades with songwriting and singing being her strong suit. She also has opened for big-name artists like Adam McGrath and Titanium…

Not too shabby!

“Petty” to me is the breakdown and dichotomy of relationships, that you eventually realize is better to move on than to act or saying something you would regret later.

Hopefully, Estella’s “Petty” can help people navigate the troubling waters of pettiness when it comes to their loved ones.

Written By Quincy Williamson

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