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“Perfume” - Izzy Pingrey | Review

“Perfume” give you that sunshiney little love sick feeling. With a solid groove, soulful vocals, and dreamy guitar finishes, Izzy Pingrey is an artist to watch.

I should be worried that a 17 year old mentioned cracking open some wine but not going to lie I am a bit distracted by wanting to live within this song. It feels like a cute retro meet cute. The early relationship or crushing feelings of butterflies and just wanting to do everything together. The smell of your perfume on their clothes, the gift of your time, the spontaneity of just being open to explore your own little world together.

Izzy has a sweetness and maturity to her voice that just keeps the track clean but gives it that youthful feel good energy. 10/10 from me. I’d like to give you my time too.

At just 17 years old, New York City native Izzy Pingrey is using music as a diary to document her coming-of-age journey in real time. She first picked up songwriting at 13 during the loneliness of pandemic lockdowns, using it as an emotional outlet. Now a high school senior preparing to release her debut EP junior, Izzy’s confessional lyrics and energetic sound provide a vulnerable lens into the revelations and relationships of adolescence.

The four tracks on junior were all written and produced with her father during Izzy’s junior year of high school. The songs encapsulate the emotional whiplash of firsts that come with the teenage years. “sick of it” is about learning to stand up for herself, "narcissus" reflects on leaving behind old relationships, while "flatline" explores falling in love for the first time. “perfume” and its accompanying music video celebrate the close bonds of friendship and going out with her girls. As EARMILK raved about "flatline", "With its irresistible hooks and Izzy's signature fervor, the track invites listeners into a world where vulnerability is celebrated and authenticity reigns supreme."

Though sonically diverse, each song on junior finds a home in the evocative whirlwind the EP explores. The collection pays homage to the quintessential experiences of young adulthood. junior provides a poetic musical diary of Izzy's life so far, offering a cathartic release of emotion that will resonate with listeners navigating the common stumbles of adolescence.

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