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“Party Trick” - Ocean Pleasant | Review

A folktronica anthem for self-liberation from half loves.

With a similar sound to a Sylvan Esso, this danceable cross over of indie and electro-pop is a fun light end of summer song. This track is almost haunting at first but then the bassline kicks in and you get this fuller more vibey song. Ocean’s vocals are so pure - kind of Daughter-esc - and lighten the song to this ethereal feeling that just is very light and fresh sounding. So many amazing little details in this almost three-minute track you will need to take multiple listens and you won’t get tired of it.

When asked about the song, Ocean Pleasant said, “I wrote this because I needed a personal anthem for self-liberation from half loves and maybe-lovers. The name comes from the bridge: "I took what you could give, played limbo like a party trick". That state of limbo with someone feels like a game at first... until it's not. That's where this song comes in.”

Ocean has been writing her own music since age 14, when she wrote “Love Letter to Myself (I Will Love)”. Her songwriter roots trace back to an early love for Tracy Chapman, Feist, Randy Newman and Damien Rice, with modern influences ranging from Sylvan Esso to Lorde and Florence Welch. She grew up infusing her love of poetic folk with alternative pop, defying genres and inhabiting a blend of both worlds.

She released her first single in 2015, followed by guest performances across the country with Grammy-nominated band SOJA, including Bonnaroo, Cali Roots Fest and Michael Franti’s Soulshine Tour. To date, her music has been featured on Spotify's "Canada Viral 50", "Fresh Finds" and more, amassing 600,000 plays across platforms.

In addition to music, Ocean previously founded a national youth culture magazine which landed her on Forbes 30 Under 30 at age 18.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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