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"Party Girl" - CASO x maybealice | Review

Slow and atmospheric, a syrupy smooth guitar riff lays the foundation for an indie pop tune akin to LAUV and deep cuts within The 1975’s discography. “Party Girl” by CASO featuring maybealice recalls the struggles of maintaining someone’s attention and affection after their loved one moved on.

Let me set the stage for you— what seemingly was a perfect summer evening under the stars resulted in a sudden heartbreak. The air is still warm, the party continues around you, but your whole world stops spinning. This scene is the embodiment of “Party Girl”— it’s a summer night, windows down song, with an almost cinematic feeling to it.

While this song, produced by maybealice, is downtempo compared to CASO’s others, it’s certainly not out of character— it still explores the different ways indie pop can manifest while pushing current trendy boundaries and taking them to another level. Maybealice’s vocals, including her verse and harmonies, add an interesting layer to the track that feels like they’re singing about each other, which begs the question, who is trying to maintain affection, and who has moved on? Each time you listen to it, there’s another angle to consider. There’s a story within a story here, and unless they add more to the narrative, we may never know the truth.

CASO is a Stockholm-raised, LA-based indie pop singer/songwriter who broke into the Swedish entertainment scene at a young age, doing voiceover work for Disney and other Swedish national television projects, as well as national theatre productions, and even becoming a professional ballet dancer and touring across Europe. He first entered the music world with pop group 2 Times 2, then went to Boston University to study acting after a foot injury that would end his dancing career. Now having graduated, CASO is in Los Angeles further developing his music and cooking up new music.

Written by Jess Ward

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