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“Party Favor” - Maddie Ettrich | Review

For my fans of Olivia Rodrigo’s “Drivers License” get ready to fall in love with Maddie Ettrich. “Party Favor” is a stunning ballad chronicling the pending end of a relationship.

“You can't break up with someone on their birthday right?? I wrote this song through tears and later brought it to my producer to be the last song released on my EP” - Maddie Ettrich

I am in love with the attention to detail in the composition of this track. The strings and piano bring an even deeper level of raw emotion to this beautiful song. “Do me a party favor can we talk about this later”. Maddie so perfectly describes the feeling of a relationship that just is running outs its clock in front of her eyes. Why not put off the inevitable until another time when it is already so clear what is in the cards. Her voice rings pure and true speaking directly to the heart of any listener.

25-year-old Maddie Ettrich is a Canadian born indie-pop singer/songwriter based out of Nashville, TN.

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