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“Painting Of A New Country” - Paddy Dennehy | Review

“Painting Of A New Country” by Paddy Dennehy is a singer songwriter, bluesy song bursting with emotion.

Dennehy’s raspy voice has such a soulful presence throughout the song. The guitar and piano provide an intimate folk, country vibe that conveys the pain of the song in a beautiful way. The pain is in the message. Dennehy’s lyrics tell of two lovers painting a new world with their love despite not having much, while racing against time. You can’t listen to this song without feeling something.

Paddy Dennehy is a singer songwriter from Ireland. His work is inspired by the pain embedded in history, and its timeless lessons about love, loneliness, religion and more. In 2016, he had a Late Late Show appearance while performing “Hard Times”, a collaboration between Dennehy and The Red Herring. When asked how to describe his music in an interview he said with a laugh, “If Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen and Randy Newman all had a baby… with Billie Holiday.”

Over the past seven years these songs have been taken apart and put back together again, leaner and more concise. He has honed his stagecraft by supporting Irish stalwarts such as Imelda May, Lisa Hannigan and Mick Flannery , headlining venues such as Cyprus Avenue and Dolans Warehouse, and by performing at major festivals across the country. The release of his debut album ‘Little Light’ in May looks set to be a highlight on the Irish musical calendar. The first single ‘Abednego’ is out now.



Written by Annika Johnson, Edited by Hannah Schneider

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