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"One More Time" - The Satellite Station | Review

Painting a lyrical picture with the hues of a broken heart, Travis Rue stirs up my emotions with his song on his newly-released album Only Human called “One More Time.”

Travis, the man behind The Satellite Station, creates haunting melodies in a blend of pop, folk, and indie styles. Leaning into his pensive and melancholic mind, Travis released a beautiful collection of songs on July 30th of 2021 and continues to work on his craft with more music promised to come.

In “One More Time,” a steady piano chord guides the listener by the hand through the song as strings and drums swell with emotion around it. Perfectly aligning with the rest of his album, the song is hauntingly beautiful with a bittersweet sadness. When listening to the lyrics, “I was a pencil and you were a pen \ who traced over who I was back then,” I can almost hear the smile that Travis wore when singing these lines. Although the song revolves around the wish to hold someone one more time, there is constant reflection of what once was and won’t be again. I was startled by the connection I felt with these lyrics, and I bet I am not alone. Heartbreak is such a common experience and one we tend to push to the back of our minds. As usual, Travis worked his magic to loosen up some dormant feelings that remained behind.

The sting of separation is bandaged with memories; whether that is good or bad is up to you. Travis invites us all to dream of what once was and what could be with this song, ending on these lyrics:

“If the sun and moon and stars align \ maybe I could hold you, hold you, one more time.”

The Satellite Station is the moniker of singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Travis Rue. Known for his haunting folk-inspired melodies and emotionally deep lyrics, Rue’s storytelling shares his perspective on life and the challenges and joys of being human.

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