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"One Forever" - Joëlle Buyckx | Review

Joëlle Buyckx: An Emerging 2021 Artist and the Influence Behind Her New Release

“One Forever”

The tonal cascade of musical artist Joëlle Buyckx’ s new single, “One Forever'' brings a soulful take on the heart-pumping drive of electronic dance music. Having released on October 15th. 2021, the track chrysalises a dreamlike vibe that melodically captures a listener’s attention with a lush environment of ambient chord progressions, transient highs, hard-hitting drums, and funk-style bass guitar that build into a powerful outpour of expression underneath the eloquent articulations of 2021’s emerging artist.

“Baby, I can be your one forever. Baby, we can make this now or never. Don’t get in my head, don’t get too clever. Let it go.”

Reigning over this musical space are the fluid and confident vocal harmonies of Joëlle Buyckx, which creates emotive imagery with a passion-resonating deliverance. The lyrics echo the tension of the hopeless romantic, and the possibility of being someone’s special someone, against all odds and regardless of what everybody else says or thinks. Chasing that feeling, Joëlle Buyckx expresses this through a wide range of vocal tonalities powering over propulsive rhythms.

“What better way to express it than a song that makes you want to dance with your head in the clouds and believe that nothing is truer than what you feel? You guessed it, nothing.”

- Joëlle Buyckx

The Italian-American songwriter was born in Rome before moving to Miami, Florida in the U.S. According to Joëlle Buyckx, the major metro center and leader in finance, commerce, culture, arts, and international trade has been an influence in bringing out her groove since her move to the city.

“My multifaceted upbringing has given me the ability to keep my mind open to different perspectives and see differences as strengths. My music derives from that. I follow no rules, just what feels and sounds good in its own unique way.” - Joëlle Buyckx

This individuality of this artist is displayed in her unique fusion of genres, which provokes a colorful blend of emotions. She purposefully creates music that evokes vibrant visuals, creating a paracosm in the listener’s mind’s eye. Each track has its own distinctive feel while following nu-disco, pop and funk formulations that create a persuasive invitation to the dance floor. Joëlle Buyckx speaks on having always grown up around music, but recently realized nothing will give her the same feeling as music does, which sparked the fuse for her submersion into the scene. Quickly racking up streams in her first year, the Miami-based artist launched 3 new singles and one new version in 2021, emerging with “Just A Fool” followed by “All The Time,” giving her a radiant future of possibility.

“I hear in colors and see in sounds. Hope I can make you do the same.” - Joëlle Buyckx

Review by Brian Kelly

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