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"omg" - Marian Hill | Review

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

From a first listen of Marian Hill’s “OMG,” Samantha Gongol’s confidence immediately shines through with her vocals and lyrics. She sings “don’t need you so don’t get defensive” in such an airy and nonchalant way that makes her audience experience the same kind of self-assurance.

Her carefree attitude, where she expresses “I’ll be dancing anywhere I can,” makes “OMG” the perfect addition for any playlist that is made for getting dressed up for a party or club. The track’s playful approach feels especially refreshing to the sadder sounds that are currently dominating the charts.

“OMG” plays further into this fantasy by referencing luxury like a “velvet dress on the floor of my apartment” and “my pillows are fluffy, expensive.” Gongol’s lyrics create the perfect kind of escape that people want to hear when dealing with the unpleasant effects of the global pandemic in their daily lives.

“OMG” is a song that can be easily replayed without losing any of these fun qualities. This track will definitely become a favorite for any listeners who prefer a softer sound to their female empowerment songs rather than the intense vocals and production that are found in mainstream music.

Review by Lauren Peterson

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