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"okay with this" Michael Isaak | Review

Singer-songwriter Michael Isaak released his latest song and sentimental heartache lullaby “okay with this”.

The track starts with guitar and bass and Isaak’s dream-like vocals. The song progressed in a way that I thought was really unique, with the chorus and verses seemingly blending together interchangeably and everything melding together really well. Usually with songs you can viscerally hear how it progresses from intro to pre chorus to chorus, bridge, etc. however while listening to this single, I was really able to immerse myself into Isaak’s word-painting style of music and get lost in the story.

Personally the bridge was my favorite part because although there was no real change melodically, the instrumental did all the work with providing a different feeling and emotion to the listener. Overall the track is one that I really enjoyed and immediately added to my fall playlist. I believe those who listen to “okay with this” will also understand the comfort that Isaak’s voice brings. I would recommend this track to those who are going through rough patches in life right now and want a feeling of relatability and understanding.

Artist Michael Isaak was born in Los Angeles, California and has been releasing music since just last year in September 2022. Single “okay with this” marks the first release from Isaak in 2023, after 5 continuous back to back singles late last year. Isaak describes this track as one that is very vulnerable, and that even when you hit rock bottom you don’t have to be alone and scared. Although Michael has just started the beginning of his singing career, I know we will be seeing and hearing a lot more of him soon.

Written by Ayesha Khahera

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