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“Now You Know” - Løv Li | Review

Former ghost producer, Løv Li, continues his career in the spotlight with his third single “Now You Know”.

The electro-pop artist has something special going for him. With clear, smooth vocals, a natural gift for catchy song-writing, and a secret weapon of the violin, Løv Li stands out amongst the crowd. The song pulls your heartstrings. The sadness of heartbreak and moving on. The violin really soars above the electronic track and captures the emotion of the song throughout.

“I have been working as a ghost producer while studying violin in Berlin and at the royal danish music conservatory in Copenhagen for the last couple of years. I now decided to start my own project under the artist name 'Løv Li' to be able to focus on making exactly the music I love.

Growing up playing the violin and the piano I was exposed to a lot of film music composers such as Hans Zimmer and Steve Jablonsky but also to the electro-pop music my friends would listen to. Both of these genres have majorly influenced the way I write and produce my songs, incorporating both electronic beats and acoustic instruments such as lush strings, piano, and guitar to achieve the sound-universe I enjoy.” Løv Li

Review by Hannah Schneider

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