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"Not That Deep" - Tedious & Brief | Review

“Not That Deep,” the new single by alt-pop act Tedious & Brief, chronicles the clarity we all get after letting someone go; the ultimate sign of moving on.

Ever wonder if your ex’s tweet was actually about you? Did you obsess over it for days on end, fighting the urge to text them to find out? And did you finally realize it ultimately doesn’t matter? That’s what “Not That Deep” is all about— it’s a post-post-breakup song for those who have finally made it to the “acceptance” stage of their grief. It’s realizing that someone no longer has power over you and taking control back for yourself.

Underneath the thought-provoking and self-empowering lyrics lies a funky, danceable bass line that carries the song. The way it weaves into the main melody every once in a while is reminiscent of indie pop favorite The Japanese House, while quieter moments are carried by luscious keys, letting the vocal melody take the reins. Jamie Jacobson, the creative mind behind Tedious & Brief, has a honey-smooth, soulful tone to her lower-register voice like Lucy Dacus that enchants you over the song’s three-minute run.

But here’s a fun fact, this tale isn’t even her own story.

“My husband came to me with the opening lyrics of the song, I’m tired of singing your songs. I thought they were for me, but turns out they were yours all along.’” Jacobson writes. Nevertheless, this song explores the universal experience of realizing that the world actually isn’t ending when you break up, and suddenly everything is clear.

“Not That Deep” perfectly encapsulates the phrase “the opposite of love is indifference”. There are no more feelings here, good nor bad. So if you’re in need of some breakup inspiration, give it a listen— it could prove helpful in your healing.

Jamie Jacobson is a 23-year-old singer/songwriter from Chicago that’s known for her relatable, nostalgic approach to songwriting. Her songs often evoke feelings of the past, or at the very least are inspired by what she found meaningful in years past. Her single “Papercuts” has amassed over 800,000 streams on Spotify, with that number growing everyday.

Written by Jess Ward

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