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Not Like Dying- Stinkus

Not Like Dying is the first project by brand new indie project: Stinkus. Written and produced entirely by Tyler Thompson, this debut single paints a clear picture of what is to come.

Not Like Dying is nothing short of excellence. Tyler has written and produced for other artists and has been a part of other bands, including Girlhouse and WILD. His talent is easily recognizable in his past works, and this song continues to showcase that talent. This indie-rock piece is incredibly real and raw, confronting complex feelings through heartfelt lyrics and artfully overwhelming instrumentals. If you are looking for a song that captures the all-consuming intensity of a new relationship, this is it.

As a modern-day teenager, I can shed light on the fact that there are a few works universally dubbed the poster children of the honorary “coming-of-age, teenage romance” genre. For example: Lorde’s Pure Heroine, or The 1975’s self-titled album. These are the albums that teenagers today turn to when they need to soundtrack their lived experiences, written by artists we have dubbed “the greats.” It is difficult to capture this feeling through music, and doing it well requires extreme skill. I can say with complete confidence that Stinkus has achieved this feeling. With transparent lyrics like “On and on and all time / I wanna feel you in my mind,” it is clear that this song touches on the lived experience of being in love. Not Like Dying will be playing through car speakers of lovesick teenagers for years to come. Stinkus is a project to watch closely- it is clear to see that it will grow into something incredible.

Written By: Julia Brennan

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