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Not a Problem- Estella Dawn Review

Here we have a New song by New Zealand's own, Estella Dawn entitled “Not A Problem”.

This powerful record, is a testament to a the inner strength that she finds in being her self and living with with out giving a fuck. With a powerful and velvety delivery, descriptive lyrics, and cooling piano, Estella Dawn is declaring that she is comfortable in living her truth. Which takes form in understanding that she is in fact not the problem, and even though she does as she pleases she knows that she can stop at any time because she is the one who is in charge of her own destiny. The song is bold and stunning as she's stomping in her docks and yelling at the sky.

My favorite glimpse in the song is when she says “They say that I'm the lucky one, turning chaos into art. If my life's gasoline I'll entertain you with a spark”, the imagery is pretty crisp. Her voice combined with the instrumentation gives me Adele type vibes and a bit of Léon. I can see her doing songs with Artists like 6Lack or Black Bear.

Currently residing in the United States Estella Dawn is a singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Estella Dawn is here to leave her mark on the pop industry. With a dynamic and soulful rasp to her voice she is a true talent.


Written by Derek Darnell

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