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“Nobody Like You”- West Coast Weekend | Review

In short, “Nobody Like You” is a summery bop. Perfect for graduation parties, hangouts, dancing in your room, or trips to work.

When I first listened to this song I could not help but dance. It immediately put me in a good mood. The band said the meaning of the song is "celebrating our individuality as people. We all have moments of hesitation or self-doubt. The song is about letting all of that go and being confident in who you are." The music gives that boost of confidence that everyone needs sometimes and the lyrics portray what they were going for perfectly. This is a great song for people who just need an extra push to get them going and believing in themselves.

West Coast Weekend does not currently have a bio, but they have a very in-depth analysis of who they are. They say, “We're just some dudes making music.”

Written by Ella de Castro

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