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"no more" - CARYS | Review

A hollow, robotic beat carries CARYS’s raspy voice in her new single “no more.”

The chorus takes on a choral element with layered, echoing backing vocals and extra synth-y production to create a swirl of pop sounds. The repetition of the lyrics “no more” doesn’t feel dull; if anything it empowers the listener and reinforces this theme of knowing what’s best for you, even if that means walking away from someone that means a lot to you. She presents this message simply, but in a way that feels unique and entirely her own when she sings, “You’re not somebody I wanna lean on no more...No more hands-on my body/Don’t wanna hang with you way past three/You’re not somebody I wanna lean on no more.” CARYS’s voice adds another emotional edge to the lyrics and makes the song a catchy tune that’s likely to be stuck in the listener’s head. It’s guaranteed to become a summer anthem for those going through tough times in their relationships.

“No more” is CARYS’s fourth single following her song, “Princesses Don’t Cry,” which went viral on TikTok and has over 35 million streams worldwide. CARYS means “love” in Welsh, which she picked because it is the main theme of her music and she believes most strong emotion derives from that feeling. This Canada-based artist originally got her start as an actress starring in the show Backstage, played Juniper in Workin’ Moms, and was featured in the movie Long Shot.

Written by Tatum Jenkins

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