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“No Lie” - Elisé x Jimilian | Review

When people hurt you, you could give up and be sad or you could harness that pain and make a comeback. “No Lie” by Elisé and Jimilian is a powerful mix of dance hall and electro pop music that radiates strength, or as Elisé put it, “Boss Bitch Rage.”

The production on this song is stellar - it’s confident, it’s dancy, and the well-established beat highlights artists’ vocals and rhythmic skill. Elisé opens with raw, powerful vocals with a lovely, effortless rasp to her voice. Jimilian steps into the forefront with a smooth tone and addicting rhythm as he flows through the lyrics, and then continues to compliment Elisé with background echoey vocalization. The chorus and melody are just as catchy as the dancehall beat. One thing that surprised me is how well the artists combined dancehall music and electro pop style. It was a creative choice that paid off - I haven’t heard anything like it before.

Elisé explained, “‘No Lie’... is about a toxic (thankfully past) relationship that I was in...I was advised by friends and family that I needed to remain calm and dignified throughout the whole ordeal, for fear of being painted as the angry black woman...This song is not only a reflection of my released anger but it is also a reflection of how I wish I could have acted throughout that entire ordeal.”

Elisé began performing as her alter ego Ms. Williams, and she is now known for her soulful, powerful style. After her 2017 hit “FYRB” was released on BMG Scandinavia, she collaborated with artists including Diplo, Boize Noise, Paper Diamond, Brillz and LAXX. Jimilian is a prominent Danish singer who has collaborated with artists like I$WAAL and 6ix9ine. His 2020 single release, “Smid Tøjet” has over 4 million streams on Spotify.

Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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