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"New Earth" - Speelburg |Review

Speelburg (né Noah Sacré) is in a good mood. Having spent the last few years living in England writing what he calls “pop music for important people,” Speelburg relocated to Los Angeles seeking the kind of weather he grew up with in the south of France.

At face value, New Earth perfectly depicts the weather he moved to LA for. This is the kind of song you listen to with the windows down and a summer breeze on your skin. With a resemblance to artists such as Dayglow, Jack Strauber, and Grouplove, Speelburg adds new complexities to a widely popular sound. New Earth is a song about moving- moving on, moving forward, moving towards something new- “looking for that new earth.”

However, hidden beneath this catchy, surf-rock melody, the lyrics to New Earth provide insight into the state of the world through Speelburg's eyes: “Cuz the truth is out here in the silver metal slump / You're dressed up to the nines but the place is a dump.”

In the shadow of the search for something new, Speelburg reflects on what is left behind. With his ability to harness the feeling of a crisp summer day, Speelburg creates an apparent contrast between his lyrics and sound. This song puts its listener in the position to appreciate a carefree tune while reflecting on profound lyrics. This attention to detail is a common theme for Speelburg- he made quite an impression during his time in Great Britain, earning BBC Radio 1’s “Chillest Record of the Week” for his single “Headlights.” He also received praise from Clash magazine, who described his sound as “startlingly unique electro-pop.” Speelburg is a voice to listen to, and an artist to keep an eye on.

Written By: Julia Brennan

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